Joe Rybinski

I grew up near the fairgrounds in Melfort and as a young kid would always go to the fair just to watch the chariot and chuckwagon races.  I never thought it would take till 41 years of age before I picked up a line to race my own team.
My interest in horses resulted in purchasing a green broke mare from John Sinclair in my first year out of highschool.  I trained her in all the gymkhana events and competed at all the local fairs and sports days.  I then moved into showing quarter horses until I had 3 daughters that were in 4H.  It was at this time I started announcing horse shows and then was invited to announce wagon racing for the Eastern Pony Chariot and Chuckwagon Association. This turned out to be a 7 year career with the Eastern club.  I also announced 1 year with the P.A. club before running my own outfit .
My wife Pamela and I are very involved with our saddle horses in the off season.  We do team sorting and team penning as a couple and I also do team roping as a header .
We are both retired from our professional careers now and live on a small ranch just outside of Prince Albert.  We just spent our first winter in Arizona with two saddle horses and a motorbike. Best winter we ever had.

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