Children’s Wish

WHAT WISHES ARE MADE OF Creating special memories, fulfilling dreams, and bringing smiles, laughter, and joy into the lives of children with a high risk or life threatening illness is what the Children’s Wish Foundation is all about. Since its inception in 1986 the Saskatchewan Chapter has granted 575 heartfelt wishes to children ages 3 to 18 and is currently working on the special wishes of almost 60 youngsters. Nationally, The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada has granted 13,500 wishes and has the capacity to grant 1000 wishes annually.
The families and the children who are coping with a life threatening illness or disease are consumed with worry, concern, and stress – this is natural. A wish provides families with support, encouragement, and provides unbelievable happiness, delight, and a lasting memory that will always be cherished. Granting a wish in the middle of a fight for life can have profound healing effects while offering a sense of hope, which is critical for families and the children in this situation.
Examples of wishes that have been granted include a new computer, a hot tub, a trip to Disney World or Disneyland, meeting Garth Brooks, getting a playhouse, going on a trip across Canada, getting a horse, attending a live taping of the RED GREEN SHOW and the list goes on. Each wish is as special and unique as each child is.
Thousands of caring volunteers, organizations, sponsors, and donors throughout the province support the Children’s Wish Foundation – all striving to make a difference in one child’s life. Making a wish come true is a magical gift that we can give to support the children who endure a high risk, life threatening disease or illness.
The Children’s Wish Foundation extends their heartfelt thanks to all of the members of the Prince Albert Professional Chuckwagon & Chariot Association for their support of children’s wishes. With each program sold, $2 will be donated to Children’s Wish.

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